Shopping in Delhi | Moonbird ethical, organic sleepwear May 31 2014

So when I was visiting India, I needed to go to Delhi to source cotton ribbon for the tags, as you do…

I had tried to find organic cotton petersham style ribbon, but apparently I can only get that from Japan and at the moment it’s not viable because it’s sooooo expensive plus the shipping costs. So I thought next best thing I’ll get cotton tape that’s grown and manufactured locally in India, less air miles etc etc. So I go to Nehru Place which is the mecca for fabrics and trims from all over India. The place looks scary and is not signposted well. I have 2 places that have been recommended to visit and even after an hour and with help from my guide, we can’t find them! I’m glad it’s not just me. Here’s a photo of Nehru Place taken by Marhukh Nasir (I didn’t take any photos outside as I was too busy searching for the right shops!)

Finally we locate one of the places and it’s like Aladdin’s cave, I can’t believe it but when we manage to find the cotton tape, It’s only imported from Korea!!!

Never mind, so I bought a different style that’s made in India and I’ll keep looking…..