Inspiration from maps | Moonbird ethical, organic sleepwear January 31 2014

My inspirations – Maps

I’ve always been so inspired by Maps.

This quirky print was a present from my Dad. Entitled 'The Great Bear' It was created by Simon Patterson and is based on the map of the London Underground but all the stations are famous engineers, philosophers or actors etc. It hangs by the front door and always sparks a conversation with visitors.

I found this map art by Eric Fisher. So beautiful

Vintage maps are often in lovely warm sepia and faded pastel colours, they evoke nostalgia and the spirit of exploration and adventure. There's always a new place to discover, or an old place to reminisce about. I papered my workroom walls in old maps that I bought at a secondhand book sale. It gives me such pleasure to sit in here and daydream. I think about all the places I'd love to travel to in the future.

I'm musing on how to design a map inspired print for our collection next year, watch this space.....