Remembering the time I had to run from a collapsing house | Moonbird ethical, organic pyjama’s March 31 2014

I had forgotten about this until recently and something reminded me of the panic I felt as I saw a huge dust cloud rush towards me.

We were on holiday and staying at a beach house north of Sydney. Standing on the driveway with my 1yr old son in a pushchair and my mother planning a lazy afternoon at the beach I was feeling relaxed and happy. The way you ought to feel in normal life. Suddenly a tremor shook the ground and turning towards the house next door I felt adrenaline pump through every vein. I don't remember much after that until we were safely down the road, I know I shouted RUN! and picked up the pushchair like it was a branch. Seeing the devastation afterwards we were in shock, the house was being excavated underneath and for some reason collapsed. Luckily no one was in the house at the time and nobody was hurt. Unlike the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh. More than 1,100 people died when the illegally built upper floors of the garment factory they were working in collapsed. The people who survived, many of them with serious injuries were trapped for days. I can imagine the panic they must have felt. But I believe that from the ashes of this tragedy comes a new awakening. Now that we know that the ridiculously cheap prices of clothes from the big retailers are not sustainable because it puts lives at risk, we can make informed choices about what we buy. It is also important to continue to buy clothes from developing countries because when regulated well it provides a good livelihood for millions of people. We can do our bit by making the big retailers aware that we don't want our clothes to cause human suffering. You can sign the petitions below to show your support.

On their website Big W said in June they plan to sign the agreement but they haven't yet, why not?

Rivers and The Just Group (which owns Peter Alexander) haven't signed to date,