Like-Minded People! | Moonbird ethical, organic sleepwear November 30 2013

Don’t you just love being surrounded by like-minded people? I do. It makes me feel really happy to know that there are other people out there who also believe the same things as me.

I happened to be in England on holiday in July and had found out about ‘The Summit’ which was a one day conference on ethical fashion. I thought I should go along and I was so inspired! I had only just arrived off the plane 2 days before so I was living in jetlag city but I made it through the day on pure adrenaline because I was so heart warmed by the speakers who were all successfully incorporating their ethical and sustainable practices into their fashion businesses. I loved hearing all their stories. I met so many people who were as passionate as me about doing the right thing. I especially loved hearing Tamsin Lejeune speak who is the Managing Director of The Ethical Fashion Forum based in London. She said that she had been involved in Ethical Fashion for a long time and she believed that the tide had now turned and that no longer was being green or ethical considered ‘unfashionable’ (sorry my words and pardon the pun).

I am so glad I managed to attend some of the talks and master classes they put on during the day. One of the best was about new technology in fabrics and I found out about some recycled stretch fabrics which will work really well for my swimwear range.

Australian fashion was well represented there, and Undress Brisbane was only a few months away, I decided to go to that too and it was well worthwhile, but that’s another post……