Sustainable Wooden Clothes Pegs December 18 2014

We thought we should do a blog that goes hand- in- hand with caring for your Moonbird Pyjamas and the environment.

Go Bamboo clothes pegs are a great start towards moving away from plastic. They're made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo with a degradable steel spring, packaged in a recycled cardboard box. Some of the reasons why we choose alternatives to plastic pegs such as Go Bamboo is that they are incredibly strong, have very few tannins and can withstand harsh Australian and New Zealand’s UV conditions.

Our oceans suffer when plastic pegs degrade and fall off the line and get flushed down drains into storm water, which eventually leads to the sea and washed up on our pristine beaches. Let’s help reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in our oceans and our landfill.

We like how they don’t have teeth so they don’t bite and leave grooves in your soft organic cotton Moonbird pyjamas. We like how it saves on energy bills by not using a tumble dryer. So why not try taking small steps and see alternative choices to plastic? Every little thing counts, right down to the type of clothing pegs you choose.

Non GM BPA Free Each box contains 20 x Pegs. Go Bamboo pegs are available from Shop Naturally online $6.95

Post by Melissa