Moonbird & Freeset. May 25 2015

If you have recently bought a pair of Moonbird Pyjama’s then you would have received them in a Moonbird cotton drawstring gift bag. It’s totally ok if you haven’t noticed yet, however we thought you may like to know that there is a great cause and countless stories behind what may only seem like a basic cotton drawstring gift bag.
Our Moonbird bags are made in conjunction with a company called Freeset.
Freeset is a fair trade business offering employment to women trapped or forced into Kolkata’s sex trade. Through Freeset, women are now being offered a real choice to break the cycle with a salary and health care so they can re-build their lives that have been damaged by the trauma and abuse. The women make good quality jute bags and organic cotton t-shirts but their main focus is on freedom.
Freeset is not just about the transformation of individual lives; it’s also about transformation of the wider community. It means Moonbird cotton drawstring bags are more than just a few pieces of fabric stitched together. Our packaging is supporting the transformation of communities and the transformation of women who deserve to be free!.
Post by Melissa