Green Smoothie June 15 2015

We love a fresh Green Smoothie!
The fastest way to down your vegetables!

It’s the most refreshing and nutritious way to start our day at the Moonbird HQ!

A green smoothie is packed with fresh nutrients such as magnesium, Vitamin C and non-dairy calcium. This is easily absorbed in liquid form and still has enough fibre that gives you exceptional health benefits.

What lots of people don’t know is how to produce the perfect well-balanced smoothie, for optimal colour and nutritional base. So what we have found is a great ‘cheat’ chart for the exact measurements for the perfect green smoothie.

If you would like a creamy texture without dairy, try using avocado as a substitute!


To save time, the best thing to do is divide the chopped veges into portion packs for the freezer so that even if you are in a rush, you still receive the correct amount of vegetables a day.

No excuses to stay healthy!

Post by Melissa