Celebrating Women August 26 2015

Woman’s Equality Day

I was recently looking out for international days in the year that celebrated women. As I was researching, I came across Woman’s Equality Day and found out on this day in 1920 a significant turn around in history occurred in America. It marks an amazing day where women finally had the right to vote!

Before this day, women suffered an inferior status by not having the rights to be employed, if employed there was no rights to equal pay, unequal opportunities in education, not having the right to vote, no rights to land ownership and discrimination or even violence against women was tolerated.

Women around the world needed a voice.

It was after years of campaigning by huge civil rights movement for women including feminism that finally gave equal rights to women in society. This helped to shape society globally and aided in the quality of women’s lives.

As a young woman, living in Sydney in Australia today, this makes me feel extremely grateful because I can’t imagine not having equal rights as men just because I am a woman. At Moonbird we work with companies such as Freeset who empowers women’s lives by giving them opportunities out of poverty and shame. Women who have experience unimaginable circumstances can finally feel involved in their communities and better their living conditions.

This day celebrates women are capable of high achievements if we are given an equal opportunity. So today let the men do the dishes and lets work on our own DIY projects. We are not separate beings with separate roles; we do need to start treating people as equals.

Post by Melissa