Neat Nut September 23 2015

Walnuts are not only known for their health benefits but did you know DIY home-hackers job of rubbing a walnut on wooden surfaces can help remove scratches on your tables and furniture?
This is because they are rich in natural oils.
Now I’ve found out even the Walnut shell is useful!
Full Circle has a range of Neat Nut Walnut Scour Pads to help you with your kitchen and surface cleaning.
 In case you were thinking, it is safe for those with Walnut allergies or sensitivities.
It’s made from Walnut Shells and recycled plastic so it’s great for the environment.
Water seems to run through the Scour thoroughly as well...
I tried folding it and feels malleable.
Dishwasher Safe
Bought in a Pack of 3
Dimensions: 14 x 7.5cm