Re-Usuable Tidy Dish Cloths September 28 2015

Now there is no need to throw away your dish cloths, if you buy reusable you can help reduce your weekly shopping cost and buy re-usable? 
Our Moonbird team is always on the look out for new environmentally friendly and thoughtful products to use around our home or our office. 
We found that Full Circle has a range of environmentally friendly cleaning cloths and we love these Tidy Dish Cloths that you can buy online form Biome.
Made from 100% organic cotton making it a sustainable-biodegradable product with one side having cleverly woven loops in different yarn colours that provide texture for scrubbing.

When I tested them out they really are as absorbent and durable as they say they are, you can see it in the pictures.
Packaging is made from recycled and FSC certified paper.
Love how it says on the back of the packaging:
We can’t promise you’ll enjoy washing dishes,
but we can promise it will be an earth-friendly experience
Produced in China under ethical labour conditions and environmentally responsible standards.
Post by Melissa