Don’t hide. December 03 2016

Don’t hide.
Being you is being unique!


Recently, you may have seen a lot of media attention surrounding an image of a young and beautiful model Madeline Stuart who has Down syndrome but she doesn’t let that stop her from achieving her dreams, gracing the covers of magazines by landing not 1 but 2 professional modeling contracts!


We find her and her story extremely inspiring as a role model for younger women. Being December 3rd it is the International Day of People with Disability (IDPwD) we wanted to channel her message.


The United Nations wanted this day to celebrate progress in breaking down barriers, opening doors and realizing an inclusive society for all. Madeline’s positive image is about bringing awareness to our society and how businesses can be more inclusive by recognizing peoples abilities and focusing on their skills not by what they cannot do.
Places like Ability Links NSW goal is to connect their client’s community with services. Such as people with ageing disability to age care services. Their support is all about visibility on disabled people and they work with local communities to become more welcoming.
Remembering that disabilities come in different individual forms will help everyone embrace the idea that talented people like Madeline are capable in bringing new skills, diversity, inner beauty and inspiration to your local community or workforce.
Post by Melissa