Dressing Gowns or Robes? November 25 2016

Following on from our recent post about the different spellings of pyjamas. We noticed that there are also lots of different words used to describe dressing gowns.                                                    


Bathrobe, dressing gown, morning gown, housecoat or robe. They were first worn during the 18th Century when Japanese style and design was first imitated by western countries.

Here at Moonbird we're fascinated by language and how it changes over time. Words come in and out of fashion and in Australia we don't seem to hear the word bathrobe too often any more. Nor morning gown or housecoat which seems to conjure up images of the 50's.

Originating from the UK, we wore robes all winter long and they were needed.  These days, living in a sunnier climate, it's a choice rather than a requirement and our choices are based on having a dressing gown that looks lovely, because we usually only put it on when we have guests come to stay.