Organic Cotton Winter PJ's May 22 2018

It became winter overnight in Sydney and what a shock it was!!

Now is the season when we're reminded, that most our homes, are not set up for the colder temperatures. No insulation, no central heating, oriented the wrong way. There's not many of us who are really set up for this. Which is why having the right clothing and blankets is so comforting.

                                       Moonbird Chai rose winter pyjamas

Our winter pyjamas are not flannel, but they're the next best thing. And our organic cotton blankets are the best to snuggle under while watching TV and can be laid on top of your doona for that extra layer of warmth. Machine washable with gorgeous bright prints. They're guaranteed to lift your spirits when you're feeling chilled to the bone.

       Moonbird dreamtime blanket and navy chambray pyjamas                   Moonbird organic cotton cicada blanket

Next winter we'll be adding some beautiful organic cotton knitted cardigans to our range, perfect for cosy chilling at home or wearing out and about. So check back again or join our tribe list to be advised when they arrive.