Today's big question is 'Do You Love Yourself'? February 08 2017

We recently watched the Embrace documentary and apart from needing a box of tissues afterwards, we've realised that loving ourselves should be a number one priority this year and forever! So this Valentine's Day, don't wait for someone else to buy you a pair of Moonbird's, Buy a set for yourself!! 

Here at Moonbird we're always thinking of ways we can support all of us to feel better about our bodies. This year we'll be supporting new projects and bringing your attention to things, that we all do and say, which are not helping us to accept our bodies or ourselves (by the way this is not just for the ladies! Men are suffering much more than they were 10 years ago, with eating disorders and poor body image on the rise). We're going to start with a promise to use a variety of body shapes and sizes, while continuing to use models from different cultures in our photo shoots. We firmly believe that in order to change the beliefs we currently have about ourselves, we first need to reset our perception of normal. We are committing to be a part of the solution and not the problem.