Why Unisex Kids Sleepwear? November 04 2016

That's a good question and one we've thought a lot about. There is a growing awareness about the limited paths that gender stereotyping has forced children and parents down in the past 20 years. We want to avoid pushing our children in this direction. Girls can climb trees and boys can play with dolls, but by making dolls all pink we exclude boys from the game and by putting girls in nighties we're telling them they shouldn't swing upside down. We want Moonbird kids to be able to break free from strict gender conventions because we believe that it's one way to help women achieve more in their careers and men be less prone to suicide. Every little helps to create a level playing field.


There's also practical reasons we make a lot of our design decisions. We thought about those families that want to be able to hand down clothes but have siblings of different sexes. Bright colours mean clothes stay looking better for longer, so the life expectancy of a pair of Moonbird Kids PJ's should be at least 2 kids worth. Although it depends how many trees they climb in them.....