You say pajama, I say pyjama..... November 21 2016

Do you know where pajama's or pyjama's come from? Do you call them PJ's or jammies or jimjams? 

Today we look at the origin of the word and why it fits in exactly with where we get our beautiful sleepwear made.

The term pyjama or pajama comes originally from Bengal in India and was the common kind of dress for both men and women for sleeping. From 1800 it was adopted by the Europeans in India as a comfortable form of sleeping attire. I'm sure it would have been seen as highly irregular in England at that time, but i'm very thankful that they went out on a limb and brought them home.


It seems that as with a few other words in the English language the word pyjama is spelt differently depending on which side of the world you sleep. In England it's pyjama, in the USA it's pajama and in Australia it's both (as always we've got a foot in both camps ;) )

So next time you snuggle down in your comfy Moonbird PJ's remember we have them made where they were originally from, with nearly the same process (apart from the sewing machines are now electric) and definitely the same highly trained artisans who have been passing down their skills from generation to generation.