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Sustainable Wooden Clothes Pegs December 18 2014

Go Bamboo clothes pegs are a great start towards moving away from plastic. They're made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo with a degradable steel spring, packaged in a recycled cardboard box. 

Why Fair Trade? July 31 2014

We’ve just received the news that we have been accredited as a Fair Trader of Australia!

Shopping in Delhi May 31 2014

When I was visiting India, I needed to go to Delhi to source cotton ribbon for the tags, as you do…

Remembering The Time I Had To Run From a Collapsing House! March 31 2014

I'd forgotten about this until recently when the Rana Plaza tragedy reminded me of the panic I felt as I saw a huge dust cloud rush towards me.

Upcycled Kids Organic Underwear from Offcuts - Now back in stock!! February 28 2014 3 Comments

Say hello to our new range of organic cotton children’s underwear made from cutoffs from our jersey tops.

Inspiration from maps January 31 2014

Vintage maps are often in lovely warm sepia and faded pastel colours, they evoke nostalgia and the spirit of exploration and adventure. There's always a new place to discover, or an old place to reminisce about. I papered my workroom walls in old maps that I bought at a secondhand book sale. It gives me such pleasure to sit in here and daydream. I think about all the places I'd love to travel to in the future.

Like-Minded People! November 30 2013

Don’t you just love being surrounded by like-minded people? I do. It makes me feel really happy to know that there are other people out there who also believe the same things as me.