Why Are We Different?

Ethical, Organic, Vegan, AZO Free Dyes and Fair Trade

We’ve made a commitment at Moonbird, to only produce our garments in an ethical, sustainable way with fair treatment for everyone involved along the journey. Our goal is to use our business as a force for good.

Our cotton garments are made using 100% certified organic cotton. Our jersey tops (Tees, singlets etc) are 95% cotton and 5% lycra. We tried 100% cotton jersey but found that it didn’t hold its shape very well and wasn’t quite as comfortable. By adding a small amount of lycra we improved the stretchy comfortness and provided more shape stability. The addition of lycra also makes the garment last longer and as we believe in sustainability over fast fashion, we felt the trade off was worth it. You should expect your Moonbird garment to last season after season. 

Moonbird fabrics are produced in India. All the dyes we use are within the GOTS approved certification rules and all our designs are printed by hand, either with a screen or using wooden blocks. They are AZO free, colour-fast and environmentally friendly. We do not allow flame retardants or chemical finishers like formaldehyde to be used in any way. 

We've recently moved our fabric printing to a new facility that is fully GOTs accredited. However, the fee required for us to display the GOTs accreditation logo is quite pricey and an expense that unfortunately, we can't afford at the point. If you'd like more assurance regarding our processes, we're more than happy to discuss this with you, or you can take a look at our new facility yourself - Kishor Exports. We do understand that accreditations provide peace of mind and we'll definitely be applying for this in the future, but in the short term we hope you'll understand how important it is to keep our costs down as we nurture and grow our business.

As a consumer you have far more power than you realise and every dollar you spend will help create a fairer and more sustainable future. We're heading there, welcome aboard!

Ethical Partners

A few different suppliers help us to produce our full range of garments. The Kishor Exports production facility in Agra, India is both Fairtrade and GOTs certified. The Mehera Shaw production facility in Jaipur, India is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. The Zenana Women production facility in Lucknow, India is accredited as a Fair Trader of Australia. Our giftbags are produced by Freeset Global  who are a Fair Trade certified co-operative which has a number of facilities in Kolkata, India and in Bangladesh. 

Rachel has visited India on numerous occasions over the last few years and spent considerable time with each of our suppliers, so that we can be confident in our promises.


Ethical organisations we're associated with:

  • Ethical Fashion Forum - Supports and informs all types of ethical/organic/sustainable fashion.
  • Fair Trade Federation – Registers and checks American businesses for fair-trade practices.  Our production facility in Jaipur, India is accredited with them.
  • GOTS (Global Organic Certifiers) – Registers and checks suppliers and producers of organic cotton.  Our organic cotton is certified with them.
  • Fair Trade Association of Australia and NZ - We are endorsed as a Fair Trader of Australia. As such, our business subscribes to the Ten Fair Trade Principles which you can read about here.

B Corp Certification

We are proud to have achieved B Corp status. B Corps are social enterprises that value their workers, supply chains and the environment. They aim to use business as a force for doing good. To become a B Corp, we had to go through an involved auditing process in the areas of environmental, charitable, worker and supply chain standards plus financial transparency. We choose to collaborate with other B corps who we recognise as aligned with our values. There are over 2,180 B Corps worldwide and the number is growing every week.

Why Organic?

Organic Cotton is not grown from genetically modified (GM) seeds and no pesticides or fertilizers are used during the growing cycle.

  • Did you know that the pesticides used while growing conventional cotton can cause skin irritations and are also carcinogenic?
  • Did you know that flame retardants used on non organic clothing have been shown in many studies to be linked to infertility, birth defects, lower IQ, and breast cancer?

For more detailed information see our Why Organic? Information page.


    We believe that all people, the planet and animals deserve our respect and therefore we do not use animal products in our collections. Please see our Vegan information page for more details.

    Zero Waste

    We’re always looking for ways to reduce our footprint and wanted to find a use for the small amount of leftover fabric waste from our cotton jersey tops. It’s important for us to prevent the off-cuts from becoming land fill.  We also noticed there wasn’t much availability of reasonably priced organic children’s underwear and so our kid’s underwear range was born. Our kid’s underwear is only made from left over fabric off-cuts and so when they’re gone, they’re gone!

    We don't end up with much left over waste from our woven printed cotton. During our design process we put a lot of thought into how the pattern pieces will need to be positioned on the fabric. We intentionally use patterns and fabric that are non-directional and this enables us to limit our waste dramatically.

    UPDATE!! We've been out of stock of our kids underwear for a little while now, but never fear we're actively working on getting them back in stock before the end of the year. If you'd like to be alerted when we receive the next shipment, sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the page. 

    We Are Carbon Neutral

    We're working with The Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund to offset our carbon emissions from freight, travel and waste. We're proud to be carbon neutral in Australia and are actively working towards offsetting our manufacturing process over the next few years.

    Charitable Giving

    We’ve been really moved by the fabulously life changing work that One Girl’ is currently undertaking and they’ve become our charity of choice. We’ve already made our annual donation to them and would encourage you to take a look and consider joining us. We dare you to look at their website and not be moved! We all got a bit emotional, reading the real life facts of hardship that girls are currently facing around the world and many of the statistics are truly shocking. ‘One Girl’ believe that ‘every girl deserves the opportunity to go to school’ and they’re on a mission to educate 1 million of them. Currently working within Sierra Leone and Uganda, their fabulous work means that girls are supported throughout high school and can actually stay all the way to university if they choose. They provide all the basics required for an education; school fees, uniform, shoes, bags, books plus ongoing support to cope with any challenges that may crop up along the way. They also build classrooms, toilets and educate/assist the girls with their menstrual health. Did you know that girls can lose up to 12 weeks of schooling each year just because they don’t have access to sanitary products, or suitable toilet facilities to look after themselves in?

    We’re all about empowering girls through education at Moonbird, but there's another very important reason why this charity means so much to us. Did you know that educating girls is one of the biggest solutions to climate change? Wow!! You say... And then how?! Well, according to a recent report, when girls are educated they have fewer children (which is number one in the fight against climate change!) plus they’ll be better prepared to deal with the effects of climate change, especially in developing countries where it will hit the hardest. More women in leadership roles is also cited as an important part of the solution, as noted in this quote from a report by the Brookings Institute “Studies show that female leaders are incredibly effective in conservation and protection efforts, and are more likely to pursue more sustainable futures for their communities.”

    You can read more in this in depth article from 1 Million women:

    Empowering Future Climate Heroes

     Our 'Buy One, Give One' pyjama set promotion with Manly Womens' Shelters has come to an end, but our collaboration and support for this important organisation will not end here. We’ll continue to give our end of line pyjamas to the shelter, so that we can show our support to women in need.